Thursday, May 9, 2013

Radon Mitigation Training Minnesota

Radon mitigation training in Minnesota is easily accomplished with the Center for Environmental Research and Technology Inc.’s online certification program. We make it easy to get radon trained and certified so you can start serving your community’s radon mitigation needs. Since radon presents such a hazardous condition to live in, it is advisable to get your home tested. With CERTI’s online training, you can be the service professional that tests for and installs the radon mitigation systems needed to keep your clients safe from toxic radon gas.

With our convenient online radon mitigation training, you will know just how to test for, inspect and mitigate radon in your state. All of the courses offered at CERTI are approved by the National Environmental Health Association to keep standards high and maintain consistency within the field of radon testing, measurement, and mitigation. You will learn the ins and out of radon as well as how to give your clients high quality radon services in Minnesota.

Teaming up with the Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Inc. will be a great addition to your current business and allow you to  give back to the community. Sign up for classes today on our website or contact us for more information. 

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